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About Us

Welcome to Parlour Salon Suites, a fresh concept in the beauty industry. Even before the pandemic, we were always looking for new ideas and ways to innovate the hair industry. The idea of creating a space for hairstylists to thrive as entrepreneurs with the support and resources they need was something we continually talked about bringing to life. When we stumbled upon the perfect location in downtown Providence, we knew it was the right place to lay the roots down for our project.

We are not about stuffing as many businesses into a building as possible. Instead, we focus solely on the hair industry and provide our stylists with the necessary tools to succeed. We are proud to say that Parlour Salon Suites is by stylists for stylists. This means that we do not offer non-stylist suite rentals. It's our belief that that professional stylists are the backbone of the industry, and we want to provide an environment that help them do what they do best!

At Parlour Salon Suites, we are passionate about supporting the growth and success of our hairstylists. Our concept is simple - we offer open air salon suites, created by hairstylists for hairstylists. Each stylist has their own private suite that they can decorate and brand in a way that expresses their unique style and personality. We believe that this autonomy allows our hairstylists to not only thrive as entrepreneurs but also foster their creativity.

Our space is designed to encourage collaboration and community. While each stylist has their own private suite, the main floor is a communal area where guests can find shampoo sinks, multiple waiting areas, a 1,000-square-foot breakroom with storage space for each suite, and even a photo area. This ensures that our hairstylists can still enjoy the benefits of a typical salon setting while maintaining their independence.

We take great pride in our unique approach to salon suites, which sets us apart from other salons in the industry. Our team consists of passionate and talented individuals who are dedicated to helping our hairstylists achieve their goals.

Parlour Salon Suites was founded by two friends, Ana Cristina Gomes  and Jamie Millmather, who first met in New York while attending classes at the Wella Studio. However, it wasn't until they found themselves in Japan on a creative hair retreat called Aubrey’s Hair Adventures that they truly connected. They realized they were meant to walk through life together and to dream big. That's exactly what they did with Parlour Salon Suites - created a space where hairstylists can thrive, dream big and achieve success.

Thank you for considering Parlour Salon Suites for your hair needs. We look forward to welcoming you to our space!

Parlour Salon Suite Founders
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